"snappy and engaging" - The Guardian

"hugely enjoyable" - The Telegraph

"mesmerising... delightful series" - Radio Times

"stylish journey through history" - The Guardian Guide

"a fashion show with a difference" - TV Times

Amber recently presented A Stitch in Time, a six-part series on BBC Four that fused biography, art and the history of fashion to explore the lives of historical figures through the clothes they wore. The series began with Restoration king, Charles II, and an outfit that foreshadowed the three piece suit, followed by a look at the costume clues held within Van Eyck’s mysterious Arnolfini portrait, the role of hand-me-downs among 18th century workers, the impact of cotton on British life, a flamboyant armorial piece which sits at odds with the allegedly brutal nature of its wearer and the impact a scandalously informal gown would have on an already unpopular queen. Alongside Amber, historical tailor Ninya Mikhaila and her team recreated key garments using the original techniques. Following the success of the series, all six recreated costumes were put on display in an exhibition at Ham House in Richmond. View clips from the series here.

A Stitch in Time was selected numerous times as Pick of the Day in The Guardian, in the Critics’ Choice section of the Sunday Times and the Telegraph, and in the Highlights of the TV Times. It featured in the Radio Times’ Choices every week that it aired.

"A Stitch in Time... offered the radical spectacle of groups of women standing around sharing their deep knowledge of history and treating fashion as a serious subject that could shed light on the past." - The i Paper

Amber also presented Civilisations Stories: The First Refugees about the journey and legacy of the Huguenot silk weavers of Spitalfields. Part of the landmark Civilisations strand on the BBC, Civilisations Stories explored regional history, art, science & innovation. The documentary aired on BBC One in London and was one of 6 selected to air nationally on BBC Four. View the trailer here.

Amber's two-part documentary for BBC Radio 4, From Rags to Riches, tracked the rise of vintage clothing. Episode 1 looked at the transition of old clothes from second-hand to ‘vintage’, and how our attitude to used clothing changed over a century and more. It featured a wealth of contributors from Vogue’s thrifting connoisseur Bay Garnett to fashion auction pioneer Kerry Taylor. Episode 2 looked at the global ramifications of our cast-off clothes, travelling from charity shops to sorting warehouses in Leeds and the markets and tailors of Dakar, Senegal. You can listen to it here. Amber also presented the Radio 4 documentary In Stitches, which looked at radical embroidery artists and the ability of stitch to explore hidden histories, political messages and untold stories.

Outside of her own presenting, Amber has contributed to productions for all terrestrial UK TV channels, as well as Sky Arts, BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, 5Live & 6Music, and productions for the USA (PBS) and Canada (Slice). She was the resident historian for the latest series of BBC 2's Great British Sewing Bee, is a regular on Radio 4's Woman’s Hour and Saturday Review, and has appeared numerous times on the station's flagship Today programme. From discussing slogan T-shirts and political dressing for Radio 4's Word of Mouth to adding the colour mauve to the Museum of CuriosityAmber is regularly called on to share her expertise, and to entertain with lesser-known stories from our sartorial past. 

Hear Amber review the week’s cultural events on Radio 4’s Saturday Review, examine the perennial appeal of nautical style on You & Yours and chart five fashion staples in a series for Woman’s Hour. Hear her discuss the symbolism of the Union Jack on Radio 3's Free Thinking and see her on the PBS documentary Secrets of Selfridges. For broadcasting work Amber is represented by Noel Gay, click here to watch her showreel.