Picture by Kayti Feather

Amber has written books for the British Library, Thames & Hudson, and the Octopus Publishing Group. Her latest publication, The Fashion Chronicles: Style Stories of History's Best Dressed is out now. Her previous titles include Fashion Illustration in Britain: Society and the Seasons for the British Library, which features previously unpublished periodicals and magazines from their archives; The Fashion of Film which looks at the close relationship between the history of cinema and the history of style, and Nautical Chic, the definitive book on the impact of the sea on our wardrobes. 


Amber has also written for The GuardianFinancial TimesThe Times Literary Supplement, BBC Culture, The Pool, Noisey and Icon magazine on a range of topics from the significance of leopard print to Frida Kahlo's wardrobe. She is a regular contributor to Frieze, writing on dress and design.


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